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Corruption that hampers Economy

Corruption that hampers Economy

Political leaders are feeding corruption in order to get work It is against of social norm of the day.  Political parties forced officer by transferring and posting according to their wish and they become rich in a day night furthers fans the glam of corruption.


Wrong politicisation fuels poverty. standard of life is going down it forces officer to come in corruption. It would not be wrong to say that politicians have further aggravated situation. It is rightly said that corruption pushes off country in poverty.


There are many causes of illiteracy such as poverty, poor look after of education. Most of the countries have faced with it, Pakistan is one of them. Government’s Poor treatment have fanned illiteracy. Literacy rate in country is 54 percent. If truly speaking, real literacy rate is not more than 20 percent Illiteracy leads a country towards problems. Government should get rid of illiteracy otherwise it may lead country into havoc.


Many of countries are suffering at the hand of corruption, lake of transparency is major culprit in the issue. polarisation is adding fuel to fire. Most of political leaders want their area officer according to their wish otherwise it is too hard to continue job. it has made transparency pushed off.

Poor role of society and department.

In our society corruption is a culture. Everyone is getting more and more benefits people have forgotten that one day they will have answer to Allah. anti-corruption department have failed to root out corruption Adding more to it, lake of transparency is threatening economic fabric of country .so government should pick up plans to give a closer look.

Effects of Corruption

Corruption that hampers Economy has many effects but the most important one is the bad governance. To put it simple, corruption breeds bad governance. you would find corrupt officials who are not sincere with their duties. They violate the law.  Which results in the scarification of justice when rule of law is sacrificed it consequently gives birth to the bad governance. This further aggravates the condition when corruption hampers the economic development in the country.  The funds of public welfare and developmental projects are embezzled. In this way development does not take in the country when public money goes into the pockets of corrupt people.

One’s country also depend on other states, when one does corruption in the management of resources and collection of taxes, this badly affects budget of the country. This simply make one’s country dependent on other as they take loans for their financial assistance. Moreover, expenditures increase when corruption in the executing process increases.

Political evolution also gets hindered when there is excessive amount of corruption. This makes simple for corrupt political parties, they sell their tickets and these tickets are purchased by non-elected and vicious people. Moreover, they also buy electorates to make their success obvious. This results in simple that theses corrupt people become part of the assemblies. There they do not represent people but they represent their own mafias. They only work to achieve their material benefit.



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